Dry January

Today on the Woman’s Doctor, I wanted to share just how impactful, sobriety has been on my physical and mental well-being. Dry January is a great exercise to test out an alcohol-free lifestyle so that you can check in and understand exactly what role alcohol is playing in your life. Even light social drinking can have dramatic effects on your daily life that you may not be conscious of.

In this episode, I will first be reviewing some of the negative side effects that are commonly associated with any alcohol consumption. Everyone knows the awful feeling of a hangover but we never talk about exactly why alcohol has such a dramatic effect on our basic functions.  Alcohol is a diuretic which is why hydration is the first thing to go. Once our bodies process alcohol, it produces the toxin acetaldehyde, which damages your DNA and prevents it from repairing. In the gut, alcohol literally kills off the healthy bacteria, so even one drink can upset the balance of your microbiome. These are just a few things that we accept as normal sacrifices for the enjoyment of alcohol.

My experience with sobriety has brought me a feeling of peace that I was hoping alcohol would provide for me. You don’t have to be an alcoholic to feel the burden of it on your body. When your body suffers, so does your mind. Once you give up alcohol, even for a short while; you will notice your sleep improves, your blood sugar improves, your mood stabilizers, and you make better decisions. With Dry January, you can challenge yourself to be social again, without relying on inebriation and you may find you actually enjoy life better without it.

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