The Most Common Nutritional Deficiencies and How to Address Them with Chris Kresser

On this very special episode of The Woman’s Doctor, we had a conversation with Chris Kresser. Chris is a top expert and educator in Functional Medicine and ancestral health as well as a New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Cure. Chris is also the founder of The Kresser Institute that has trained over 2,000 functional health practitioners and coaches
There is a lot more we can add to the list of the achievements this man has obtained but we’ll keep at those for now.

In this show, we discuss what led to Chris becoming involved with functional medicine and wellness overall, how we’re slowly detaching from our ancestral roots in the area of food and nutrients, how food is gradually losing nutritional value, and much more. Chris is truly an expert on food and essential nutrients so you might want to tune in if you are or are thinking about taking any type of supplements.

Many times, we think that just buying as many supplements off the shelves of our local store can solve our nutrient deficiencies but it is much more complex than that. Chris advises people to take frequent tests to see what nutrients they may be deficient in as well as what nutrients they may be getting too much of. For those who want to take it a step further and really dive deep into this man’s mind, be sure to check out his work and products at!

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