Toxin Exposures and Their Impact on Our Health and Hormones with Dr. Marianne Marchese

You may be unknowingly consuming dangerous chemicals in your everyday life. Unfortunately, our food, water, and personal care products are the primary culprits, often containing high levels of endocrine-disrupting compounds. Today, Dr. Marianne Marchese shares how you can minimize your exposure and reduce your risk of developing complications from hormonal imbalances caused by long-term exposure to these common toxins. She teaches you how to use her natural approach to detoxing your body using sauna therapy, organic foods, filtered water, and curating vitamins and minerals to meet your genetic needs.

With over 20 years experience as a naturopathic physician, she has seen a drastic change in the types of patients she sees. Until recently, side effects appeared later in life, but with increased reliance on chemicals, pesticides, and phthalates in just about everything we consume, Dr. Marchese has seen an alarming rise of hormonally driven diseases in young women and teenagers. She encourages parents to teach their children early in life to avoid toxic products and be aware of where their food is being grown. Ultimately, you cannot completely eradicate your exposure but by following Dr. Marchese’s simple guidelines, you can drastically alleviate the toxic burden on your body.

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